Are you ready for growth, expansion, and healing?

Welcome to Soul Sessions with Sheona where we focus on combining the human experience and soul's knowledge to truly rise!

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One on One Sessions

Let's work on clearing your human level experiences and connect more with your higher self


Learn how to work with energy whether you are just starting to explore or want to upgrade your skills


Come join in on Circles, Meditations, Workshops and Retreats being offered on line and in person

The magic already exists within you.


If you are just beginning to work with energy and want to learn OR

Are looking for a perspective shift to open up a new level of understanding OR

If you are fed up with your current reality OR

Are becoming aware of your Starseed nature...

Whatever called you here, I am excited to work with you and see you evolve and rise!

It's time for a session if...

  • You're experiencing the same pattern coming up repeatedly in your life
  • You're feeling anxious
  • You can't seem to get over a pain or illness you're experiencing
  • You are ready to find your next step
  • You feel like you are stuck or there is an energetic block between you and what you want
  • You're ready for a no nonsense approach to your growth and expansion

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