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" You  cannot   tame  the  spirit  of  someone  that  has  magic  in  their  veins."

Once  Upon  a  Time ...

As a child nothing was worse in my mind then going to bed. On one hand I was sure I was missing the biggest, most fun party ever. On the other hand that was when there was no other distraction and spirit would come. Sometimes it was family that I recognized but other times I wasn’t sure what was in my room, only that someone, or something, else was there. These moments scared me as a child.

I am blessed with my mother who is also gifted. She taught me to meditate and how to talk to spirit when I was scared. She helped me to recognize that I am an empath, meaning that I pick up on other’s emotions VERY easily. In my teenage years, she would teach me about tarot cards and how to read them. My mother is an integral part of who I am and who I am becoming everyday.


Although I learned how to read tarot cards in my teenage years, I only did it for fun for my friends for several years. It wasn’t until I took my Reiki Level II that I received the undeniable message and started offering my readings as a service to others. I now use a combination of cards and mediumship to offer guidance and answers to others. I am always surprised at what comes through for people, and although the messages are directed to them and their life, there’s always a message or reminder for me as well. The love and support from the other side for all of us is overwhelming.

A true, life altering, transformation began for me when I received a Reiki treatment from a wonderful friend who I was blessed to have as a teacher as well. Teachers come into our life in all different forms and she really changed my life in the most profound way. I was in a terrible spot emotionally and physically. I was depressed and had subconsciously given up on myself entirely. I didn’t want to be here anymore. During and after my Reiki treatment I was reminded of the love and support I am surrounded by both here and from the Spirit realm, I had to be reminded and experience what love and joy felt like momentarily, and how “off my path” I had strayed. This was the beginning of another huge awakening for me. I began to take Meditation classes and really dig into my blocks and face traumas I had experienced. I learned how to actually get real with myself which was the most painful and empowering experience of my life to date. My soul was crying out in pain and wanted to go “home”. The message I received was hard to hear but necessary. “If you go now, you’ll have to come back to complete this lesson in another time”. Nope! There’s no way I would put my soul through this again. In that moment I took charge and my entire life shifted. I ended a very painful and traumatic relationship, I changed jobs, I moved into my own place, and I began the journey of healing myself. I began to hear and listen to my soul and the teachers in my life. I have come a long way and continue on my path of what I am truly here to do… Help and Heal!

Since a Reiki treatment had helped open me up and face my blocks in my life and body, I knew I wanted to share that with others. I began to learn Reiki. I took my Reiki Level I in 2016. During that course I knew I would continue through all the levels and become a Reiki Master. This would not only benefit me in my own life, but allow me to teach and help others and ultimately do my part in healing the world. I am overjoyed to say I completed all my Reiki courses and am a Reiki Master as of October 28, 2018. I have had the pleasure of working with people and animals from all different areas of life.

Another HUGE shift in my life came in 2019 when the information that I am a Starseed, and what that actually means, began to download. Since then my life has realigned allowing more of my true self and nature to step forward. This changed how I show up for myself, for my clients, and for my students. All of my offerings shifted, and continue to, as I bring forward more of my galactic knowledge and connections.

I offer Sessions that include Reiki with intuitive messages, one on one coaching, and classes in all levels of Reiki. I look forward to working with so many more people sharing these beautiful modalities and messages.

I am currently working on creating on line courses as well as learning to share and serve through my podcast Conversations with a Starseed.

My journey has been filled with ups and downs and I am grateful for all of them, for they are all lessons. I have seen the lows of illness, depression, and anxiety and learned how they relate to my gifts. I have been able to change my life in a positive way with the guidance of mediums, family, friends, and of course my team on the other side. Without the encouragement of all of these souls, I wouldn’t be able to help so many others now.

If you want to hear more about my experiences, and free support and guidance make sure you provide your email below and tune into my podcast!

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