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Expanded Reiki  Courses

If you are looking to assist in your own healing or sharing in someone else’s healing, Reiki is a beautiful gift. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique used to put the body in a deep state of relaxation. It is in this state that our physical body does the most healing, and when our soul can step forward to speak. I am a Reiki Master and teach the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method, with a few new additions. The Expanded Reiki course goes beyond the original teachings to include more intuition, how to discern messages, combining the physical, mental, and emotional bodies into the more spiritual that Reiki addresses. It also includes more existential concepts and discussions to expand perceptions.

In each level you will take home a binder of everything we worked on as well as a certificate.


In learning Reiki you will…

  • Become attuned to Reiki energy

  • Learn sacred symbols to amplify the energy

  • Strengthen the connection to your own intuition

  • Feel more connected to all living matter

  • Push away pain, anxiety, and negative emotions that constantly hang over you... like parting clouds on a stormy day

  • Bring balance to your life and fill you with contentment and a sense of deep understanding


Reiki Level 1 


In Level 1 you will begin your Reiki journey by…

  • Learning about discernment and how to use it in life and in a Reiki session

  • Learn to decipher between your energy and and anyone else's

  • We'll look at the clairs, how we receive messages from non physical beings 

  • Learning some of the benefits of Reiki

  • Experiencing four attunements that will align you with Reiki energy

  • Learning the first of the sacred symbols used in a treatment

  • Learn about the twelve dimensions we can access within our body 

  • Learning how to perform a treatment on yourself and others

  • Experiencing a Reiki meditation


Investment $300

Reiki Level 2


In Reiki Level 2 you will…

  • Increase the strength and flow of Reiki energy through your body

  • Learn 2 more sacred symbols

  • Experience the four Level 2 attunements

  • Learn how to send Reiki at a distance as well as to past and future events

  • Learn the location of major body organs and how we can store our memories near them

  • Experience group healings

Investment $350

Reiki Level 3  -  Advanced


In Reiki Level 3 you will…

  • Learn another sacred symbol

  • Learn the basics of, and how to use, a crystal grid

  • Learn how to keep your Reiki energy connection strong

  • Experience the 4 attunements for the Advanced Reiki Level

  • Learn how to release an attachment, or spirit

  • Learn Etheric Surgery to remove negative energy blockages


Investment $450

Reiki Master


This is for those who wish to become teachers. This level focuses on…

  • Learning 2 Master Symbols

  • Master Level attunements

  • What happens during, and how to perform, each attunement 

  • Distant Attunements

  • A Healing Attunement 


Investment $500

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