Conversations With A Starseed

Conversations With A Starseed

Hosted by: Sheona

Conversations about the everyday life and existential concepts in my journey as a Starseed. From the mundane to the metaphysical, the human to the alien, life as we know it to the outer limits of where we can go.


Episode 3 - The Question That Changed My Life

Season #1

The question that changed my life and why identifying as an empath is dangerous
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Episode 2 - Energy Pulling

Season #1 Episode #2

Let's chat about energy pulling using control dramas! Many of the ways we've learned to communicate, stay safe, or find our way through situations, are more harmful and are pulling energy from others. Let's look at...
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Episode 1 - My Starseed Journey

Season #1 Episode #1

Discussing my Starseed journey, what Starseed means, and Earth's original plan. 
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