A Little Extra

Growing up I've always loved "a little extra". This has usually come in the form of all things that glitter. To this day, if it sparkles, it grabs my attention.

So when it comes to my spiritual practices why would I be any different? I love adding Crystals to my meditations, Reiki sessions, readings and daily life.

Crystals have the ability to interact with our bodies on an energetic level. Although our current tools are not able to measure each crystal's exact vibration/frequency and how it has an affect on the human body, I personally notice a very big difference when I'm working with or wearing crystals.

I started using crystals to help me ground, and stay grounded, throughout my day. Grounding is the process that connects my physical and spiritual self to the energy of the Earth. Grounding assists me in feeling secure, focused, calm, and connected to myself without being influenced by other's energy.

Below are some of my favourite crystals that I use and how I use them.

Hematite balances yin and yang properties within us. It's a great tool for anyone feeling imbalanced - too masculine or too feminine. It stabilizes our spiritual higher self and our physical self, connecting the two so we can feel more harmonious in our day-to-day. Hematite cloaks its owner in an invisible shield, acting like an armour against negativity, ensuring that you don't absorb the negative energy of others.

I will often have a stone in each pocket or worn in my bra. I do use these as a pair because of their balancing affects.

Red Tiger's Eye connects you to your physical self, enhancing the body's health, inner strength, courage and vitality. It is also said to give those who carry it clear perception. The protective and "watchful" Tiger's Eye promotes positivity, and helps us to see our own skills and talents, giving us a little boost to help complete our goals. It enhances willpower and self-confidence, making it a great partner for any moments or events where you need unwavering strength. It has been known to be a highly protective stone, but doubly so for anyone who is traveling, making it a good crystal to keep in your vehicle. It's also protective when worn. It releases any blocked creativity and can improve your personal power. To use this stone I will often carry it in my pocket.

Black Tourmaline is amazing for absorbing negativity, trapping it in its core. This stone is incredibly protective, banishing unwanted spirits and energy away. It protects against psychic attack, the unwanted energy people knowingly or unknowingly send your way, and can help you to stay focused on positivity and light thanks to its absorption of negativity. Think of this stone as a positive and protective force in your life, and it will do just that for you. When it removes negativity from you, imagine it transforming that energy within its dark core, and regurgitating it as a positive fluid vibration. This stone is a great partner for anyone who feels exhausted emotionally or mentally, and can help restore your energy supplies, particularly with adrenal fatigue.

It is also one of the most powerful minerals for absorbing electromagnetic radiation, which makes it excellent for placing near computers and other electronics. Often if I am working on my laptop, playing with my cell phone, or just watching tv. I will have it sit next to me or in my lap to help remove and repel the EMFs.

As you can see I have this stone on a necklace. I will wear this when I know I am going to a very public place such as a theatre, shopping center, or restaurant.

Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Sandalwood, Clear Quartz, and Carnelian.

Black Onyx If you are moving into a personal space where you need strength, Onyx is your best possible crystal choice. It offers support, clarity and strength during stressful times, and helps to centre and ground your energy, returning your power to you. It is particularly beneficial during times of mental and physical stress. . It helps you to unleash your power and your potential. It heals old, lingering grief or memories of pain that have not healed correctly, bringing you that clarity and closure needed to move forward. Onyx accesses a connection to Universal energy, calling on your guides and spiritual team, and a higher guidance to assist you.

Smoky Quartz This crystal is a great grounding stone. Since it is so grounding, it is a great accompaniment to your meditation practice, linking your spiritual self in strong grounded earth energy. It is a gentle protector, keeping its owner safe without sending any harsh vibrations out to those sending you ill-wishes. It transforms negativity into positivity, making it a great crystal if you're feeling overwhelmed, bogged down or just plain old negative and pessimistic. It will help you prioritize what needs fixing/changing. If you work in groups or with more than one person, this stone is great for encouraging harmony and cooperation. It would be great to bring along to a brainstorm meeting.

Sandalwood In ancient Buddhist tradition, Sandalwood has been celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for thousands of years. It is widely believed that the sandalwood scent can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness, invoke tranquility, awaken the divine thoughts within and promote profound relaxation. Sandalwood stimulates the base (Root) Chakra - believed to enhance trust and self-identity.

Clear Quartz Clear Quartz is one of the most important crystals to have in your toolkit. It is powerful, programable, and thankfully, very easy to find. It is the most powerful healer and energy amplifier on the crystal planet. It unblocks stagnant or "stuck" energy, absorbs it, regulates it, releases it and more. Clear Quartz acts as a conduit to purify all energies, regardless of how it needs to be converted. It brings energy to its most perfect state possible, making it good for everyone, for every problem, goal or issue. It saves energy, unlocks memories and stores information, making it ideal for programming, hence why it can improve so many areas. Clear Quartz can enhance psychic abilities by giving its owner access to truly wonderful information. It filters out distractions, making it a great companion when you are in a situation that requires deep focus, such as studying, meditation, or detailed work such as surgery. It is a deep soul cleanser, encouraging your spirit to return to a state of perfection before any form of dis-ease set in. It aligns your subtle bodies (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) to help you feel deeply balanced and well. Should you have any detailed work you would like to dedicate a period of your focus to, programming a Clear Quartz can benefit your goals immensely. Clear Quartz are also very much affected by the shape they have grown in, making different shapes more beneficial for different projects.

Carnelian Carnelian is a bright and positive stone, full of feel-good energy. It harnesses sun energy and basks its owner in happiness and positivity. It encourages a boldness within, especially with those who are mild or timid. It is sometimes called the "Singer's Stone" thanks to its vocal encouragement and clarity, donning a magical confidence, especially to those in public speaking or whom are required to use their voice boldly in the performance or communications fields. It is courageous, lucky and attracts prosperity and ambition. It helps disintegrate the fear around death, and is a warm asset to anyone who may be close to the end of their journey. It launches a personal "zest for life" when in your company, making it a great stone for those who need a little kick in the pants or reset. It encourages sacred community and loyalty, and has even been said to light a fire or rekindle dull flames between two people who, although may love each other, have lost their spark. Remember, embers aren't quite exhausted yet! Just be careful because under this stone's influence, fertility may be improved. Carnelian is often recommended through the consummation of love, or with conceiving a child.

*Bracelets were made by Soulful Energy (MalaLove)

There are many other crystals that assist with grounding. Remember that the right one will choose you! It will draw you in time and time again and won't want to leave your hand when you touch it. I will often feel a crystal heat up or create a sensation of pins and needles in my hand. Allow your intuition and the crystals to take the lead here and you won't go wrong.