"Life  opens  up  in  so  many  different  ways  when  your  energy  has  been  awakened."

Expanded Reiki

Are you stressed? Is your body in pain? Do you suffer from chronic discomfort? Do you often have unexplained illness or pain? Are you ready to release trauma and emotional wounds you stored in your physical body?


Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique where the practitioner is attuned to and channels the Reiki energy through their body and into the client. This allows the body to be in a state of relaxation in which it can assist in healing on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. 


During a session you will lay fully clothed on a massage table as I work through your body. I also use crystals, essential oils, and singing bowls to assist in your session. These will all help to enhance the experience.


You may experience tingling sensation, raise or lowering of body temperature, or just a state of relation. Some clients have experienced thoughts or memories, smells, or even a feeling of being gently rocked or swaying.


You may speak or be silent during your session. After we will discuss any sensations you had during your session and any blocks that I may have encountered in your body.



This session will last approximately an hour and is an investment of $85