A  journey  of  a  thousand  miles  begins  with  a  single  step.

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I believe there is something very special about assisting someone on their journey. I feel truly blessed and privileged to work with each soul. Each of the sessions I offer does this on different levels. 


The Gift of Guidance Reading allows me to dig a little deeper into who you are and offer clarity on your current and future path and journey. These readings offer guidance from guides, angels, loves ones, and all beings of the light who have been around you since the beginning of this journey here. They are full of love, healing, and sometimes a little kick in the ass we often need!


Reiki really dives into your physical and energetic body to see where and what you are holding onto that may be causing an array of illness, blocks, or unhappiness in your life. Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of relaxation and healing that is loving, comforting, and above all healing.


A Soul Session combines the technique of Reiki with the Guidance Reading. We will discuss in depth what and where emotions, memories, thought patterns are being stored and how to change them. We will expand on where you are now in your path and how to take your next steps in becoming the successful, triumphant, and loving soul you are meant to be.

Connected Coaching takes another leap forward. This is one-on-one coaching specific to what you are experiencing. During the time we work together we will dive into past, present, and future experiences. We will work to change thought patterns and perspective, heal any past experiences that are holding you back now, release any blocks causing discomfort or unease, and manifest the life you deserve. We will use Reiki, guidance from the other side, and coaching to connect to and unleash the confident, happy, successful, and loving soul you really are.


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