Remember, when  you  forgive, you  heal.  And  when  you  let  go,  you  grow.

Soul  Session

Are you ready to explore what is stored in your physical body? Are you feeling blocked in your life or emotions? Are you looking for a place to start transformation or a tune up? This is for you!


A Soul Session is a combination of Reiki and a Guidance Reading. During the Reiki Session you are able to relax and open up. As I perform the session you may feel varied responses from tingling sensation to heat or cooling. I will be channeling guides along with the Reiki energy to deliver any messages or guidance for you. After the session we will discuss any sensations and messages that came through. We will ask the guidance from spirit to assist you with any clarification you may need. 


In combining Reiki, intuitive guidance, and messages you will be in a much calmer, relaxed, and open mindset that will allow us to go into any deeper issues that may be causing blocks.


This session will last approximately an hour and a half and is an investment of $150