Fairy  tales  are  stories  of  triumph  and  transformation  and  true  love,  all  things  I  fervently  believe  in.

Trauma  to  Triumph

Are you struggling to move forward? Have you experienced physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual trauma that is affecting you today? Do you have beliefs that are holding you back from living life to its fullest? Do you feel stuck or restless? 


Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to define and exist in success and triumph? Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and design a life you love? Are you ready to feel happy and be triumphant? Welcome to the answer you’ve been searching for!


This program has been developed over the last year for those who are truly ready for change and success! This is a one on one program in which we will look at all aspects of your life, what is blocking you, and how to overcome and grow out of what no longer serves you. Through several different mediumships and divine guidance you can take the steps to change your life into what you’ve always dreamed it could be.


This is an intense one on one program that spans 3 months. We will meet weekly, online, to have discussions about where you are, what’s come up for you, and your next steps for the week. You will have monthly Reiki sessions to help clear all the old energy and trauma stored in your body on all levels (spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental). This is completely personalized to you and where you are right now. You’ll have access to your own personal medium weekly to help guide you through this journey.

If you’re ready for change and greater success, then I invite you to send me a message and book a call to apply for this program today!!